We are a driving force in building cohesive and sustainable Human Resources processes for growth to happen.

Through thought-leadership, human resources strategies, and DE&I to help leaders lead with authenticity for employees to be happy about coming to work.

Human resources isn’t a thing we do.

It’s the thing that runs our business.

Human Resources CONSULTING

We help shape and lead strategies to help our clients understand the impact of employee experience on revenue and business growth. When employees are fulfilled and engaged, they play an enormous role in the overall success; as HR executives, we help shape and lead comprehensive human resources strategies for clients in local government, nonprofit and for-profit companies.


We believe that nonprofit organizations are meant to be profitable in fundraising and delivering services to the respective audience they serve. We bring both nonprofit and business experience to our clients to improve leadership, management, and human resources.

EVENT Management

Our event services include years of successful event management and marketing to help clients’ branding and fundraising initiatives. We think outside the box on all concepts to ensure the client has a successful event. We work with the best video team, graphic designers, sound engineers, DJs, and photographers, along with other professionals.


We build trust, value, and respect with our clients to ensure we provide the highest level of excellence through a personal unique targeted high-level program. We understand what it takes to build effective strategies and image, to transition highly capable skills into another industry. We specialize in working with athletes transitioning from the game to a business position or board room role. Our years of experience working with professional athletes stands out in our strategies and work ethic.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We know that DE&I matters.
We help our clients recognize that a diverse and equitable workforce’s intrinsic value is through a robust recruiting process. Additionally, we aim to help our clients connect their mission, core values, and DE&I efforts throughout the process and beyond.
The benefit of diversity in the workplace is well-documented in research by McKinsey showing that diverse teams outperform less-diverse teams. 

Success Stories

Alicia has demonstrated her loyalty and passion for underserved youth for two decades. Her strength and leadership ability were visible through her work ethic with the executive and advisory boards, chief operations, human resources, business professionals, sponsors, and celebrity events. Her strong leadership and management style led the organization to become a well-known brand among many supporters.

Stedman Graham

CEO, SGraham & Associates

She’s innovative, community-driven, and transforming. Alicia gets the job done. If your organization needs to make a bold statement, she’s your transformer.

Jeff Sanders

President & Founder, Retired National Basketball Legends Association