Individuals who join a nonprofit as a leader or employee are there to help improve the lives of the less fortunate and to make an impact in the world. Working for a nonprofit is a calling as much as a career. The most successful nonprofits are run by individuals with a passion to articulate the vision in a clear and compelling approach. Nonprofits do not compete for profits, they compete for donations, grants, federal or state funding.


Your passion for the nonprofit world is clearly evident, and we are very grateful for your wisdom, knowledge, and energy that you shared with our Executive Board. Each board member left with a renewed energy and passion for our ministry.

Dr. Mary Amore

Executive Director

You are so awesome! Thank you so much! We have so many right now in need and we are doing our very best. Appreciate you and your unending support the past 23 years!  

Jeanette Dibella

President, Providence St. Mel (PSM)

Thank you again! We were impressed with all that you were able to accomplish and greatly appreciate that you arrived prepared to make the most of the day. We thank you for contributing your expertise and hope you learned more about the wonderful work happening in the larger Chicago community.



Thank you so much for all of your assistance.  It was a great experience and we learned so much regarding how we should “present and promote” our Police Station Unit.  We are very grateful for all of your help and will most definitely reconnect in the future if needed.

Connie Jordan

Deputy Public Defender

I am writing to thank you for your time in donating 10 hours of human resources consulting as we continue on our path to providing a great culture and working environment for our team at Maryland MENTOR.


Executive Director

We are grateful for all your hard work, generosity, and commitment to ‘Helping us change the world, one village at a time.”


Thank you so much for participating in the panel! I appreciate you sharing so much great advice with our students and I could tell that many of them resonated with what you said.


Loyola University Chicago