Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We know that DE&I matters.

Alicia Straughter

We help our clients recognize that a diverse and equitable workforce’s intrinsic value is through a robust recruiting process. Additionally, we aim to help our clients connect their mission, core values, and DE&I efforts throughout the process and beyond.

The benefit of diversity in the workplace is well-documented in research by McKinsey showing that diverse teams outperform less-diverse teams. Another benefit of a diverse workforce is exposure to new ideas and perspectives that can lead to innovations that would otherwise have gone unthought-of. However, these benefits only come if the hiring and recruiting processes are truly equitable.

AMS Consulting Services, Inc. has spent several years working with clients on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs. By customizing DE&I efforts that best suit their business practice. For DE&I to work and have an impact, you must simultaneously have several elements in place to focus efforts on ensuring an actionable, data-driven strategy focused on building an inclusive culture.

Alicia Straughter

Success Story

I want to express my extreme gratitude for your work, insights, and perspective that you’ve shared. You have been a joy to work with, and the expertise you bring has been incredibly helpful.


The “Why”

We help clients outline the “why” to develop a DE&I program that best fits their business. We know that research shows the benefits of diverse and inclusive teams. According to McKinsey, companies in the top quartile for gender diversity on executive teams were 25 percent more likely to have above-average profitability. Companies that are ethnic and culturally diverse in the top-quartile outperformed by 36 percent in profitability. For diversity and inclusion to work, it requires intention, focus, and sustainable efforts.

The “How”

AMS Consulting Services, Inc. believes it’s essential to align with our client’s values to build an open partnership. We help our clients by exploring different approaches to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace by examining several elements: hiring practices, existing talent, inclusion, and equity practices. In addition, we know that data is powerful as an influence on what can be most impactful.

Create a diverse & Inclusive Workplace

Every client we have worked with shares our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace.