Case Studies

Human Resources: Strategic Leadership


AMS Consulting engaged with a local government office to resolve HR issues. The Human Resources Generalist was overwhelmed with grievances, missing 30k in Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for six months, unanswered workers compensation claim issues, chaos and overworked for one person providing HR services to 200 employees.


AMS Consulting implements talent development strategies for the HR Generalist to provide structure, organization, resolution to issues, training and management of work functions, new employee relations processes, time-management guidelines, and focusing HR operations on excellent service to employees.

Outcome: Within 30 days of AMS Consulting’s strategic HR and Transformational Leadership, the HR Generalist efficiently managed all functions, improved employee services, and resolved the 30k FSA issue. All employees noticed the change with the Human Resources Department and the transformation of the HR Generalist.