The Importance Of Partnerships Focused on Diversity & Inclusion

‘A successful diversity and inclusion strategy leverages the partnership to achieve true inclusion.’

by | Dec 11, 2020

Diversity and inclusion (D&I)

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) has risen to the top of many leaders’ priority lists this year. More than ever before, the global health crisis is redefining how we work now and how we will work moving forward. A successful diversity and inclusion strategy leverages the partnership to achieve true inclusion, navigate personal and professional stressors, and finally and most importantly, create a safe language and environment for difficult conversations.

Create a Safe Place

Creating a safe place for difficult conversations about diversity and inclusion is a new frontier for many organizations. Diversity encompasses much more than simple statistics regarding race and gender; diversity requires an organization to come together to consider and make room for people from all backgrounds, abilities, thoughts, ideas, and mindsets. An organization’s diversity strategy must include sincere efforts to understand different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences and allow each person to bring their best self to work. With this understanding and appreciation, organizations can ensure opportunities for everyone, regardless of their differences. Diversity requires inclusiveness for everyone.

Research indicates that businesses with diverse workforces achieve more innovation, creativity, and a higher bottom line. AMS Consulting Services, Inc., and Hirewell deeply believe in the value of incorporating D&I strategies and acknowledging and embracing diversity through intentional hiring practices to establish an inclusive atmosphere. Hirewell’s recruiting team is trained in unbiased recruiting processes that promote diversity and allow qualified applicants, regardless of background, to succeed.

Most organizations start by asking Why? Why should we emphasize D&I work? Achieving a D&I partnership requires intention, focus, and sustained efforts. Defining the reasons for the initiative is the most important factor in the success of the partnership. 

Identifying the How is next. Explicit articulation and alignment of values yields an open partnership where honest feedback can freely flow. Every partner whom we work with shares our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace in their respective industry. They are also willing to collaborate and create a space where constructive, transparent, and honest discussions could occur without repercussions.

Build Recruit Thrive

At Asana, they call it Build / Recruit / Thrive.

AMS Consulting Services, Inc. understands all three of these pillars and can contribute to building, recruiting, and thriving within an organization as a productive D&I partner.

As dictated by our foundational values, AMS Consulting Services, Inc., and Hirewell are committed to creating and nurturing a diverse and inclusive recruitment process in the HR, Technology, Finance, and Sales professions to foster mutual respect among individuals and to advise our client base on diverse talent acquisitions.

As partners, we embrace a culture of open-mindedness that encourages multiple perspectives to enhance our collaborative solutions, drive innovation, and create and deliver value with all of our clients and all that we do as partners.

We understand that change is inevitable; therefore, we are very intentional about embracing diversity, which means we are purposeful about driving change to find diverse and talented candidates. Our decision to partner is an embodiment of what we value in our field: the acceleration of progress in D&I. We achieve and fuel this progress by combining resources and broadening our reach. Working together creates a strong, cohesive foundation for our D&I initiative, and developing strategic partnerships with businesses or clients who have similar goals and values concerning D&I can only enhance our—and their—efforts.



Our partnership entails working together on placement support that includes a strategic assimilation process with inclusion and diversity as a priority. Coaching engagement with key stakeholders involves all perspectives of the partnership to improve diversity and inclusion hiring plans focused on merging D&I into the entire employee life cycle to generate lasting results.


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